Dear guests!

We want You to feel good until your holiday at our place. We will do our best to ensure that no circumstance disturbs your calmness. We are asking You to refrain from any activities that You wouldn’t do at your own home, to maintain the apartment and the consistence, the orderliness and the cleanliness of the furnishing objects.

Check in / Check out:

Check in time starts at 2pm on the day of arrival. On the day of departure you should leave the house no later than 10am. Early arrival and later departure is possible for an extra charge if you predict it ahead.


Paying the accommodation expenses and the tourist tax is at check in time after filling in the login form. You can pay in cash or with bank card. If you are leaving the apartment for some reason earlier than the end of the booked time, we can not reduce or pay back the accommodation expenses.

Closing the court and the building:

We are asking you to lock on the entrances of the building at departure and at nights. The external entrances of the building can be locked on key after lifting the handle up. Please be very careful about the keys.


Smoking is allowed only in designated areas (closed terrace and outdoor terrace). We are asking sincerely our smoking guests for not leaving cigarette butts anywhere at the court and at the whole apartment to maintain the cleanliness, but also putting them collected in the trash cans. NO SMOKINGin the building!

Using furnishing objects:

Please use the equipments for their intended use. The furnishing objects and equipments of the rooms, including towels, plaids and bedding getting out of the apartment isn’t allowed! Reordering the furnitures isn’t allowed! At arrival and at departure we inspect the rooms and in case of causing possible damage, the resulting costs from it will be reimbursed to the guest on the spot.


The rooms are taking over cleaned by the guests. For staying longer than 7 days will be changed the coverlid once a week. Naturally we will do enough for different needs from it for an extra charge.

Placement and treatment of trash:

Gathering household trash is possible in the trash can in the kitchen (for the kitchen’s trash can the bag is in the cupboard). If the trashcans will be filled during your stay here, please, empty it in the big trashcan in the court what’s watched by the apartment’s workers, and if necessary, it will be taken away.


The apartment has a well-equipped kitchen. The guests take care of themselves. For cooking an electric stove or outdoor stove for stew, for baking an electric oven or outdoor charcoal grill is available for guests. Don’t put objects containing metal in the microwave. Please, don’t eat in the rooms. Do it in the kitchen, in the dining room and in the terrace. Possibility of preparing coffee and tea, or using spices are free of charge.

Setting fire – stewing – grilling:

Setting fire is possible only in appointed fire place from the appointed wood pile, in wind calm. After setting a fire please removal the trash and pour down the glow.


To protect the calmness of the guests and the neighbours, in the apartment isn’t allowed being loud and listening to loud music from 10pm to 7am.

In the apartment it’s possible for guests after consulting with the receptionist to betting visitors. After the opening hours for the reception the visitor have to pay the normal accommodation.

Please pay attention for: the owner isn’t in a position to take responsibility and paying compensation for any damage resulting from events beyond his own fault (for example natural disaster, hail, fire, blackout, etc.) or for personal valuables.

In the apartment is insured a safety box for protecting personal valuables for the guests.

Free wifi in the whole apartment.

The outdoor part of the apartment is under 24 hours camera surveillance.

Pets can’t be brought in the apartment. Breaching it is bringing an extra charge with it.

The owner has the right to not to accept and immediately remove from the apartment guests who are behaving scandalously and violating the house rules.

Our guests can do their particular requests, questions, requisitioning something from the services list, complaints, proposals at the reception in the opening hours, or by e-mail: and WhatsApp/Viber on the +381-63-83-75-652 phone number.

Wish you a good rest and a pleasant stay.