About Bačka Topola

Bačka Topola is located in Serbia, in the middle part of Vojvodina. It’s a well situated place geographically, because: the town is crossed by an international highway; the Budapest-Beograd railway line goes across the town; and it’s possible to drive on and off the motorway.

The little town is peaceful and homely. On the main street there are many coffee shops, restaurants and clothes stores. There’s a smaller nightclub too, where used to be parties at Friday and Saturday nights.

The lake in Bačka Topola is known as the cleanest still water of Vojvodina for years. The plage is 250m long. The plage part is poured with crushed stone and gravel, making easier to go in the water for the bathers with it.

The crushed stone and the gravel are sieved, unsorted, consists of roundish pebbles (it’s comfortable to walk and to lay on it and doesn’t contain any sand so won’t sticks on the bather’s skin). You can also jump into the lake from the pier, because there the depth is 3-3,5m. On the piers are chutes. Kids can also swim safely, because the water is gradually deeper and deeper, only after the plage start to be 2-2,5m deep.

On the plage there are some catering units. Drinks, scone, pancakes and ice cream could be bought by the bathers, but only at pm, because at 11am is still everything closed.

There is a new renovated playground for the kids, with a sand box and a new painted chutes. There are sport courts and coffee shops for the youngsters. There is a recently paved walkway along the shore of the lake.

Good news are that you can bathe in Bačka Topola’s pearl free, because the ticket and the parking are free.

Catholic Church

The church which has the tallest tower in Vojvodina is in Bačka Topola – it’s at the 72.20m height and called “Sarlos boldogasszony”. It has a capacity of 5000 people and is the most impressive church in Serbia. It was built in Neo-Gothic style according to the designs of Ferenc Raichl.

City Museum

The Kray Castle today is the City Museum. The baronial Castle was built in 1805. It’s interesting that beside the church the first building with floors was this – it was the ornament of the municipality. Today, in the upstairs part of the building are the Municipal Museum and the Local History Archives, while in the downstairs part is a gallery and a wedding hall.

The Bačka Topola Country House was built in 1843 and has a beaten wall with a reed roof. It presents the traditional life of the people living here, according to the lifestyle of that time. Its equipment is back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

There were 4 windmills in the area of Backa Topola in the 19th century. Today, however, there is only one left. The windmill of Backa Topola is a four-storey building – a typical windmill in Vojvodina. It is no longer in its original location, because it was landed on the lake in the 1980s.

Soccer Academy

Topolya Sports Club (TSC) Academy is here, and it is one of the most outstanding sports centers in the Vojvodina region. The academy aims to develop talented young football players from the local area and the region. The TSC Academy boasts modern infrastructure, including high-quality training pitches and a gym. The goal of the TSC Academy is to train athletes who are competitive at the international level.


Zobnatica is 5 km from Backa Topola. It can provide meaningful recreation for hikers, anglers, hunters and horse lovers. Zobnatica is the center of horse breeding and equestrian tourism with a history of over 200 years. An indoor riding school, riding school, unique equestrian museum, fine art gallery and much more contents are waiting for the visitors. The onetime Törley Castle can also be found in Zobnatica.

Topolya Sport Club

The Topolya Sports Club (TSC) is one of the prominent football teams in Serbian football, based in Topolya. The club was founded in 1913 and has achieved numerous successes both domestically and internationally throughout its long history.
The TSC’s home is the TSC Arena, a modern stadium that opened its doors in 2020 and can accommodate about 4,500 spectators. The stadium is not only a favorite among local fans but also provides a comfortable and safe environment for visitors thanks to its state-of-the-art technologies.
In recent years, the club has undergone significant development and has become a strong mid-table team in the Serbian SuperLiga. Youth development is also of paramount importance at TSC, with numerous young talents emerging.
The TSC places great emphasis on community involvement and supporting the local community through various programs and events. The club’s goal is to further enhance its reputation and success both on the domestic and international football scene.


Pačir is located 20 km northwest of Bačka Topola. It is possible to go fishing and hike on the shores of the artificial pond. Here you will find the purple-water lake, which functions as a spa. Patrician medicinal water rises to the surface from 1400 meters deep. Its healing water is believed to heal mainly those suffering from inflammatory diseases and diseases of the joints, bones and skin. Because of the high salinity of water, respiratory complaints are alleviated by local humid air, but it also has a beneficial effect on musculoskeletal disorders. Parking is free.

Stara Moravica

If you are looking for a refreshing splash after the hot water bath in Pacser, you should drive to the neighboring town – Bacskossuthfalva. The local spa features a new 8 x 10 meter and 16 x 25 meter pool and a wellness area. The last one is the most popular for the bathers. It has hydro-beds, neck and back massages, Amazon rainforest, jacuzzi and various waterfalls. Trampolines have been set up in the spa area, as well as swings and sandboxes for the children, while larger ones have a beach volleyball court and a sandpit. And if you’re hungry for a lot of activity, you can choose from the menu of fast-food restaurant in the spa. Scone, hamburger, grilled sausage and pancakes are also available.